Mar 18

dreaming of summer

Anyone else really, really loving this weather? Who would have thought, just a few short months ago, that a rash of 50 degree days would inspire us to dig out our skirts, get our first pedicure in weeks (oops) and even find some flip-flops in the back of our closet?

It’s official: we’re sick of anything that isn’t the sun. We’re over the winter. And we’re dreaming of summer – and all the fun clothing that goes with it.

Can you even remember what it feels like to wear a floaty sundress? A cute bathing suit? SANDALS?! Us, either. But then we popped into South Moon Under and saw all their new arrivals for spring. And suddenly, we were transported… to somewhere sunny and 75. It’s coming. We promise. And thanks to South Moon, we’re going to be ready.


That peasant top – it’s perfection. We need it.


Life is short. Buy the shoes. So, how soon can we get those bejeweled beauties onto our feet?


A room full of bathing suits – really, there’s nothing more that needs to be said.


How sassy is this mannequin? We’re dreaming of wearing this colorblocked, flowy outfit as we sip frozen drinks on the beach. Or something.


And last but not least – every new season demands a cute new bag, right?