Mar 4

take 5 boutique : where fashion meets art

Every time we step into Take 5 Boutique, we’re instantly transported. The boutique’s commitment to marrying art and fashion is unmatched, turning its urban, warehouse- like design into something ethereal.




The clothing itself is often a work of art, displayed prominently on the wall in such a way that calls attention to the vibrant colors, the clean cuts of the fabric and the painstaking attention to every level of its design.

We could spend hours just gazing at the dresses that find themselves the center of attention on Take 5’s walls. And we could spend evenĀ more time daydreaming about the clothing we want to take home with us – and the events where we’d wear each item.

Some of our current favorites include these two dresses below – you may recognize one that we recommended to Beyonce. (Seriously, it has her name all over it.)






Another aspect of Take 5 that we love is the inclusion of more traditional art (paintings) in its design concept.

Every painting you see on the boutique’s walls is for sale – and often as beautiful as the clothing it surrounds. As desperately as we’re seeking spring and warm weather, the art in Take 5 almost transports us to those warmer days.



This Saturday, Take 5 is partnering with the Washington Turkish Women’s Association to host a fashion show in celebration of International Women’s Day.

It’s a great chance to celebrate one of our favorite holidays – and catch some killer fashion. Find out all the information here, and make sure you stop into Take 5 for some inspiration next time you’re at Mosaic.