May 7

Mother’s Day: make your own cards!

Mother’s Day approached fast this year. This entire year has gone by pretty fast, in fact, and it’s hard to believe it’s already May.

So did this Sunday’s celebrations sneak up on you as well? We were wracking our brains on ways to make the holiday feel special and help show Mom (the champion, if you ask us) just how wonderful she is.

Luckily, Paper Source came to the rescue – we ducked in there and found, to our delight, a kit that’s filled with everything you need to make the most adorable, unique Mother’s Day cards. Just add glue…

image (12)


The first thing we did was dump out all the colors and patterns of paper. It’s everything you’ve grown to love from Paper Source – gorgeous design, high-quality paper and cute extras.

There are suggested combinations on the front of the kit for those who like to follow direction. But we had some fun coming up with our own cards and matching the paper together on our own.

image (11)

Even better? There’s equally cute envelopes inside, so you can create a color scheme that matches right down to the mailing. That’s the way to our hearts – yours, too, right?

While a group of us from Mosaic did this together, we think it would be really fun to do it with some kids. After all, they’re usually the most creative ones in the room.

image (9)

So if you swing into Paper Source – or if you’ve already been – and pick up the card kit, let us know how it goes! We’d love to see your final creations – tweet or Instagram them to us @MosaicDistrict.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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