Jun 3

National Running Day!

Here at Mosaic, we love to run. Well, some of us do, anyway. There’s nothing like tightly lacing up your sneakers, hitting the pavement, and letting the stress melt away. Plus, if you travel somewhat frequently, it’s comforting to know that a good workout is only a pair of sneakers away.

Today is National Running Day! And while we believe in whole-heartedly celebrating any holiday – “National Banana Pancake Day” flipped our dinner plan on its head – this one is particularly cool. It may, in fact, be the healthiest holiday we’ve ever celebrated.

So let’s run through some things we’re going to do in order to get our blood pumping and celebrations started!

First of all, heading to New Balance is a must.



We mean. Those kicks.


Secondly, a good playlist is essential for a good run. Have you ever heard of the blog called The Four Percent? Kate is a Nike Master Trainer, and uses her blog to share workouts and tips, gear recommendations – and her amazing monthly playlists. Here’s June’s – though we recommend checking out every month and changing up your sweat vibes.

We’ve been building our own playlists for runs lately, too, and have gotten really into some upbeat DJ tunes. Try this on for size:


Do we have you itching to tighten those laces yet? If not, we’ve got one last must-do… read this Self magazine post on why morning runs are a special kind of workout treat.

(Spoiler alert – we agree with all of the below.)

  1. The first mile is tough, but after a few groggy minutes, the runner’s high will kick in, and it will stay with you the entire day. 
  2. Three words: post-workout smoothie!
  3. You’re out having an adventure while the rest of the world is sleeping.
  4. It’s the silent “you rock” nod that you share with fellow members of the elite morning runners club that pushes you to go just a little bit faster.
  5. You know that Beyoncé sounds best when played first thing in the morning.
  6. Even if you’re not feeling your #OOTD, you can feel confident because you know you look amazing under it.
  7. Less crowded running paths and trails make for speedier runs.
  8. There is a point during your morning commute when you you start to smirk uncontrollably…you made a delicious breakfast, created a new playlist, logged six miles, showered, answered emails and fine-tuned your afternoon presentation all before everyone else hit the snooze button for the first time.