Jul 28

CapFABB Zengo Ride!

Last week, Zengo Cycle and CapFABB teamed up to host a great evening of spin, sweets (oh yeah!) and surprises!

Hosted by Angelica Talan from Clarendon Moms, a fun group got together to try their hand at Kelsey’s energetic ride. The studio was bumpin’, the playlist was amazing (hey, Kelsey – what’s your Spotify account?) and the workout was … well, it was pretty tough.

Check out the group below:


After we finishing getting our butts kicked – which seems to happen every time we’re at Zengo – we headed out to a setup of great surprises. First up was a long row of cupcakes. There was approximately every flavor imaginable, and we downed a “mimosa”-flavored treat faster than you can say “calories burned, calories earned.”

Bonus – some had adorable edible Zengo logos.



There was more swag to be had, too – including earrings from Kendra Scott for every rider. They’ve already become a staple in our wardrobe and we can’t wait for them to open at Mosaic. Accessories dilemmas, solved.



Thank you to everyone who road, the Zengo team for putting on such a great event, Kelsey for being the best instructor ever, and Angelica and CapFABB for bringing a dose of stylish energy to Mosaic. We had a blast!





Photos courtesy Whitney Stringer PR.