Jul 22

daily beauty, courtesy Cava Grill

Summer Seasonal Items_Juices and Teas 2

Hello, beautiful.


It’s no secret that Cava Grill creates some of the best content out there. Their photography? We want to frame it on the walls of our homes. Their recipes find consistent lineups in our weekly meal plan. And in case you missed it, they made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to watermelon.


Somewhere, Beyonce is quietly weeping in pride.


But in addition to some great content (#goals), Cava makes some really great food. You knew that already, we’re just reminding you. Let’s take a dive into some of their new summer goods.


All images courtesy and copyright Cava’s marketing team.


Summer Seasonal Items_Roasted Gazpacho 1


^ CheckĀ that out. Roasted tomato gazpacho, made with house-roasted tomatoes and fresh garlic.


Summer Seasonal Items_Juices and Teas 4


Have we talked about the seasonal juices yet? (How awesome is that picture, can we put it in our kitchen?)

Cava’s newest beverage lineup includes : watermelon mint juice, honey basil green tea, vanilla bean limeade, roasted jalapeno apple cucumber juice and raspberry ginger juice.


Summer Seasonal Items_Vanilla Bean Limeade 2


During this heat wave, we’re digging the limeade – refreshing, indulgent and just kind of perfect when the heat index is over 100 degrees.