Jul 9

Washingtonian: 12 new restaurants to try now

Mom & Pop

2909 District Ave., Fairfax

The Mosaic District gets a cozy new addition thanks to the Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee owners, who’ve teamed up with several local bakers, brewers, and other artisans for their new cafe. In addition to the familiar gelato pops and Stumptown coffees, customers can grab Red Apron sandwiches, DC Brau beers, Paisley Fig pastries, and antipasti snack boards.

DGS Delicatessen Mosaic District

2985 District Ave., Set 115, Fairfax

A near-identical sister deli to the original DGS arrives in the Mosaic District. Expect a similar menu of piled-high pastrami sandwiches, duck fat matzoh ball soup, and crispy schnitzel, here served in a larger dining room outfitted with a spacious bar