Aug 5

ways to get your sweat on

Just because summer’s winding down doesn’t mean our interest in fitness and staying active has dissipated. In fact, it’s almost anything BUT.

Thoughts of fall sweaters, dark jeans and cozy knits are dancing through our heads. (Sorry, summer). We can’t wait to start refreshing our fall wardrobe… and we want to feel super fit when it’s time for that to happen.

Exercise is about more than just looking good in clothing, though. It’s also about feeling good. About feeling proud of yourself (if you catch a [solidcore] class in the morning, you can head to work feeling more accomplished than 99 percent of the other commuters) and respecting your body and its abilities.

We’re big fans of all of the above here at Mosaic. So we thought we’d put together a quick round-up of ways to sweat onsite. Check them out below, and then let us know – what’s your favorite?




  • [solidcore] is, without a doubt, the hardest thing we’ve ever done. On one hand, those 50 minutes fly by, because you’re never not moving. On the other? We’ve definitely cursed – out loud – a few times mid-class. Okay, a few timesĀ every class. But it’s worth it. We’ve never felt stronger.


  • Zengo Cycle is a party – and a crazy good workout! The rides are bumpin’, the music is on point and the lights are lowered, making it easy to get focused. We’re totally addicted. Every time we clip in, it’s like getting one of the best workouts of our lives while having the most fun we’ve ever had getting sweaty.


  • Spark Yoga’s lineup is crazy good. Yes, they have yoga (as you might have guessed), but there’s so much more, too! Don’t miss their special classes like yoga & weights, barre and barre boxing. You could head there every day and never take the same class over the week. That’s pretty special.


  • Stroller Strides is a twice-weekly class that takes place in Strawberry Park for moms! Buckle those little ones in and use their stroller (yep. the stroller) to get your sweat on.


Free workouts

  • We mapped out the Mosaic Mile for you -so if you’re a runner, speedwalker, or anything in between, you can hit the trail.



Don’t forget to stretch – and hydrate!