Oct 22

halloween masks from Paper Source

You know we can’t resist a good craft, right? So when the opportunity presented itself to grab a Halloween mask kit from Paper Source and get crafting.. we jumped at it.

The kit comes with tons of options for about all of the masks you can think of. It’s the perfect activity for a bunch of tiny trick-or-treaters (or, you know, adults) who are looking to get festive.

The first step is cutting out all the templates for the different aspects of the masks. If you’re doing this with small fingers, we’d recommend cutting up the templates first – it takes some patience.



Next, dump out all of your crafting accessories. This is an essentially fun part of the process. Plus, you get to look at a rainbow of colors!

We’d recommend picking one mask to start with here, or else you run the risk of the same issues we hit.. getting halfway into one idea and then switching gears to work on another. Whoops. Sorry, half-made vampire mask.



The end result is pretty fun – good for an afternoon of play, or scaring unwitting coworkers after you transform the table into an arts-and-crafts stop.