Oct 8

weekly reads

There’s something about colder weather that makes us want to embrace the good old-fashioned #goodread. So we’re going to start a new series here on Glass Alley – a weekly round-up of some of the best things we’ve read on the internet that week.

It’s a little daunting – did you know there’s a lot to read on the Internet? So mainly this will just be a list of our favorite subjects and the cool things people have written about them. Luckily, it seems like we’re all on the same page here. So hopefully, you enjoy the same pieces we do!




  • The Bitches Who Brunch ran a fall-inspired Lust List that has us clutching 0ur wallets. Fall fashion, you are the way to our hearts.



  • Are you a Wizards fan? The Washington Post’s Sports Bog has an excerpt from Caron Butler’s new book that takes you back to that Gilbert Arenas locker room incident. (Mentions a scenario involving a gun, as a warning before you click.)


  • It was Kate Winslet’s birthday, and Grantland’s Shea Serrano did a pitch-perfect takedown of her character Rose from The Titanic. We read it two days ago for the first time, and we’re still laughing.


  • And lastly, the most beautiful Craigslist missed connection we’ve ever read. Pulitzer worthy!


Have a great night – you’re so close to the weekend.