Nov 10

let’s get physical

Here’s our number one pet peeve about the holidays (and like it or not, they’re coming) : it seems like every other conversation is about avoiding weight gain, about ways to stay healthy or about how to have fun but not pack on the pounds!

Enough, right? The holidays can be stressful enough without also worrying about your waistline. And honestly, who cares if you’re sneaking an extra cookie or two… for breakfast? You blink and the holiday season flashes by – why not have some fun while it’s going on?

We get it, though. There’s having fun, and then there’s derailing the train. But instead of going into the holidays with a sense of panic – or a need to right the wrongs – we’re taking a different approach this year. We’re going to get ahead of the game, and pick a routine that works for us before the season of turkey, stuffing and pies begin.

Here’s some of our favorite Mosaic workouts. Bring it on, listicles about fighting holiday gains. We’re ready.




There’s nothing like getting a good workout in and getting zen. At Spark, you can do that – with ease. We’re a big fan of the early-morning calorie burn that is barre. Nothing like a little lifting and toning to make your muscles ache for the rest of the day! And if you need to de-stress (because seriously, who doesn’t?), there’s all kinds of yoga – regular, yoga and weights, hot yoga – to help you get there.



Sometimes you just need a party while you workout. And every time we’ve gone to Zengo, it’s been a downright celebration. The lights are low, the music is so, so good and the sweat is pouring. Come for the calories burned, but stay for the grin that will be on your face long after you leave. Plus, we hear there’s a ton of cute gear for sale at the front of the studio. And who doesn’t need an adorable new pair of spandex leggings?



Confession : we’ve been going at least weekly to [solidcore] since it opened at Mosaic and we’re totally, completely hooked. It’s definitely not a party, unless reaching your pain threshold is your idea of a party. But it works. It works (and hurts) so good. We saw results after a month. Seriously, no kidding, honest results. And nothing says “grab that extra cookie” like leaving a [solidcore] class literally dripping.