Nov 12

weekly reads

Hope everyone is surviving this raw, rainy week. It seems like the perfect excuse to grab a hot mug of tea and cozy up with some good reads – right? Don’t worry, it’s basically all we’ve been doing when we get home from work each night.

There’s been a lot floating around on the Internet that we eagerly delved into this week. But we’ll try to keep this list short. And hey – we’re always a big proponent of grabbing a good old-fashioned print read (book, newspaper or magazine will d0). As long as you’re getting literary.


Here’s some of our favorite things we read:


  • Catch this Viva Tysons piece on Brine? It perfectly encapsulates everything we love about the raw bar and rotisserie. Read it without getting hungry – we dare you.


  • Anyone out there a football fan? No matter your thoughts on #DeflateGate, this Washington Post look at just how mad it’s made Tom Brady is fascinating. (Game film studies at 3:30 a.m.? Seriously?!)



  • And in honor of the newest James Bond movie hitting theaters, a look at the pop songs that have defined each installment of the legacy.