Dec 17

weekly reads

What a rainy, dreary Thursday.  It’s making us even more sleepy – combined with how tired we are in general, that’s just dangerous.

What is is about the weeks before Christmas that make them some of the most exhausting weeks of the year? Maybe it’s the planning, the general stress – or the fact that we’re, you know, eating sugary snacks constantly -, but we find our heads nodding at 3 p.m. and our bodies sinking into bed totally spent by 9.

On weeks like these, it’s important to take care of yourself. And one of our favorite avenues for a little R&R is to sink into a good chair (or bed, no judging here) and get our read on.

photo courtesy Tiny Dancers

photo courtesy Tiny Dancers

If that sounds up your alley, without further ado, then, here’s the coolest things we read on the Internet this week.


  • Okay, so this isn’t a read – but hey, runners! The 2016 Boston Marathon finishers’ jacket was revealed today. It’s a throwback to the first jacket, which came out 25 years ago.


  • Follow college basketball? Even if not, you’ll love this piece on Monmouth’s bench mob. They’re quickly becoming the most entertaining thing to watch this season. How can you not love a bench that re-enacts the Sistine Chapel mural as part of its midgame celebration?


  • Northern Virginia Magazine took a peek inside Arielle Shoshana. The perfume boutique is where we found our go-to, signature scent, after what seemed like years of fruitless searching.



Happy reading!