Jan 25

what to do on a snow day

It’s official – we got walloped.

Hopefully, you stayed warm and safe (and somewhat shoveled) all weekend. But with another day of being snowbound looming, we don’t blame you if, like us, you’ve got a case of cabin fever.

Here’s some ideas to keep active – and get outside – if you can get out and about safely. And if not? Well, we’ve been marathoning The West Wing on Netflix and highly recommend that. And there’s always a Pinterest escape – follow Mosaic here!


photo credit : Instagram user @btrflygirl24

photo credit : Instagram user @btrflygrl24



  • PLAY! We’re loving the shots people are sending of snowy fun at Mosaic – like this igloo and this family time. If you venture out, send us some shots!



  • Watch some animals with the National Zoo’s online animal cams. Come for the lion cubs, stay for the panda having the time of its life in the snow.



Happy snow day!