Feb 4

weekly reads

Don’t worry, we’re not even going to mention that it’s February and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Instead, we’re just going to round up some of our favorite escapist reads from the week – who needs romantic plans when you can spend time perusing the best the Internet has to offer, right?

(We’re not convinced, either.) But! Weekly reads, right this way:




  • Meet the man who spent 35 hours shoveling to raise money for Syrian refugees. We’re not crying, you’re crying. (Washingtonian).


  • The S’well founder says the most valuable word you can learn in business is “no.” Food for thought. (Fortune).


  • Barbie’s getting curves! Mattel will roll out three new body types for the iconic doll, including some with different skin tones. (USA Today.)


  • Post-blizzard, only women showed up to run the Senate. Hey. (Washington Post).