Mar 18

weekend happenings 3.18.16

Let’s not talk about the weather that’s headed our way this weekend. Let’s, instead, enjoy today’s weather, open the sunroof in our car, and drive around listening to whatever kind of music makes you think of summer. (For us, it’s country music.)

Yay! It’s Friday! You’ve made it through the week, and it’s time to consider what to do this weekend. And if we factor into those considerations – and we hope we do – here’s what you can expect from Mosaic this weekend.

one trip to Requin, coming right up.

one trip to Requin, coming right up.


(PS – the official start of spring is Sunday and we’re forecast for snow?! Come. On.)



  • Okay, so this technically isn’t the weekend, but Tiny Dancers has an adorable bunny hop camp kicking off on Monday! Get all the info.


  • While all we want to do right now is be outside, once the weather takes a turn again we’ll be seeking shelter. Angelika’s got a lineup of some pretty great movies right now.


  • Need an Easter outfit? Unpacking your spring/summer wardrobe and noticing some holes? It’s a good weekend to get shopping.


  • And why not celebrate winter’s last gasp with a delicious meal out? Check out all of our great dining options.


Have a great weekend!