Apr 5

best of instagram : your photos

One of the best things about today’s uber-connected, internet┬áculture is being exposed to a rabbit hole of creativity. A few clicks and suddenly, you’ve fallen into a spiral of inspiration – pretty, beautiful things! – that, without you knowing it, have taken up your entire afternoon.

(If you’re reading this and you’re our boss, this is an entirely hypothetical scenario.)

One of our favorite past times is scouring social media to see all the incredible, creative ways you interact with our space. Particularly on Instagram, the sheer amount of beautiful photography is daunting – but amazing.

We love watching our community embrace Mosaic. You capture moments we didn’t even see ourselves! So today, we’re bringing you some of our favorite moments from recent grams – though there have been so many, it’s truly hard to pick. Did we miss one of your favorite Mosaic snaps? Show us!


A coffee break for @koms92 at Mom & Pop…

insta 2

@helloemilyeliza taking a stroll…

insta 3

@anthro_mosaicdistrict twirling around in a dress that made it to the top of our want list…

insta 4

@euneats about to dive into a sweet Dolcezza treat

insta 5

@colleen3’s Matchbox pizza (save us a slice!)

insta 6

And a day at the theater for @lifeisshiny27!

‘gram us, tag us – share your moments! We love seeing them.