Apr 26

Spring-y recipes

New spring recipeĀ challenge : cooking with what’s in season in the Virginia, D.C. and Maryland region.

As much as we hate the overuse of the phrase “spring has sprung!”, if you take one look at the pollen count in our area over the past few weeks, you know it’s true. (Our constant sneezing is a pretty big tip-off, too).

We hope you’re enjoying this as much as we are – getting outside in the fresh air, shaking off those winter blues, switching out our wardrobe and interior decor – and getting back into the kitchen with what’s fresh and in season. That’s one of the best things about the change in each season, we think: embracing the seasonal flavors in our own kitchens.

We’re pulling together some fun recipes below with seasonal ingredients from our area. Try them out – or suggest some that we should try, too!


In season : mushrooms

Caprese garlic butter stuffed portobello mushrooms, from Cafe Delites



photo via Cafe Delites


In season : turnips

Baked turnip fries, from Be The Happy SoulĀ 



photo via Be The Happy Soul


In season : arugula

Greek cucumber and arugula salad, from Iowa Girl Eats

photo via Iowa Girl Eats

photo via Iowa Girl Eats



In season : beets

Beet bread with cream cheese and dill swirl, from 10th Kitchen


photo via 10th Kitchen

photo via 10th Kitchen


In season : asparagus

Caesar grilled asparagus, from Closet Cooking

Caesar Grilled Asparagus 800 7724

photo via Closet Cooking


Happy cooking!