May 12

the five best things we read this week

Time to delve into the five best pieces of news, entertainment and longform writing that we found this week.


Because who can pick just one?13087518_1236489013045950_2636931763276968544_n

We were seriously digging everything we stumbled across this week – covering hockey, beer and emojis.


And more! So grab your Thursday drink of choice and explore.


  • These proposed new emojis are designed to reflect that women are professionals, too. We’re into it. Washington Post


  • How Retta (of Parks and Recreation) fame became a hockey fan. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. Lenny Letter.



  • Heard about Ellevest? It’s the latest investment platform. But this new digital company is slightly different… it’s designed entirely for women. Fortune.


  • And, um, did you see that Budweiser wants to be referred to solely as “America” this summer? Thoughts? Eater.


Happy reading – be sure to let us know your thoughts below (and if you think there’s a good piece we missed!)