Jun 9

weekly reads

Scout&Molly3_retailer-gallery@2xWhat a beautiful stretch of days it’s been. It’s easy to forget that it’s June – which is also sort of unbelievable. Weren’t we just listing out our New Year’s Resolutions yesterday?

We’re diving headfirst into summer, which is always our favorite time of year. The days seem to stretch a little longer, the sun is warm and inviting (at least for a few more weeks, until the humidity catches up with us) and there are just so many activities. Picnics! Swimming! Hiking! Fresh, seasonal, local recipes to ponder!

And then, of course, there’s the particular satisfaction of embracing a little downtime during the summer. You know what we’re talking about – the sort of joy that comes with a frosted glass of lemonade, a hammock or blanket under a shaded, tree-lined stretch of grass, and some indulgent reading material. Before you take a little cat nap, of course – because you’ve earned one.

Though you probably don’t need our help figuring out what to delve into during your R&R, we always enjoy passing along what caught our particular interest each week. So, enjoy! – our weekly reads.


  • Under Armour is going to use your data to personalize its sales pitches. Thoughts? Chain Store Age.


  • A Canadian goose and an American bald eagle got into a fight. It’s entertaining. Global News


  • “13, right now” is powerful, interesting reading. And a good look into today’s teenagers. Washington Post


  • Why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day. (We don’t think it’s because he couldn’t afford other options). Medium


  • And in fashion news, here’s the best pieces to build a simple wardrobe – wonderful. The Cut


Happy reading!