Jul 7

weekly reads

cutoffsIt’s hot. We’re currently staring at everyone at the Modera pool with a whole lot of envy – what we wouldn’t give to be able to spend the rest of the day poolside!

It literally feels like a hundred degrees out. And the actual temperature is only a few degrees cooler than that so, yeah – it’s a hundred degrees out there. So what would we do if we could spend the day by the pool? Dive into a cold beverage (naturally) and lose ourselves in some good reading.

Here’s what caught our eye this week, in case you get some downtime today (especially the kind near water):

  • How Samantha Bee crashed the late-night boys’ club, Rolling Stone. (Snaps for days!)



  • Genius 5-ingredient fried chicken, without the frying, Food52. Praise!


  • Jamie Watts, Washington’s most inspiring runner, Washingtonian. So great.


Happy reading!