Nov 3

Get Ready For a Mosaic Scent : Arielle Shoshana is Creating a Perfume!

img_7021Arielle Shoshana will celebrate one year at Mosaic this Saturday – time flies when you make the district smell good!
But almost more exciting than the anniversary is the following announcement: Arielle Weinberg, owner, is working on her first perfume, which should debut at the boutique around Valentine’s Day 2017.

“It was always a goal,” to create her own perfume, Arielle says – and now it’s one she’s realizing.

In March 2016, during International Women’s Month, Arielle wrote a blog post on women in the industry she admires. One, Cecile Hua, a prominent female perfumer, reached out to Arielle after the post went live.

Together, they began to explore ways to collaborate. It naturally pointed toward creating the shop’s first fragrance.

“We had a brainstorming session where we talked about what we wanted the fragrance to be,” Arielle says, adding, “And what we didn’t want it to be!”

From the beginning, Arielle was keen on the idea of using passionfruit in her scent. It’s her favorite food, and one that is unusual and uncommon to people in the United States.

Once passionfruit was established as the base note of the perfume, the process of layering the other notes began. Though Arielle isn’t ready to announce the full scent profile yet, she hints that the menu at her anniversary party – which is this Saturday – will provide insight. Saffron, for example, will be both on the menu, and in her signature scent.

“I think it’s going to be something special,” Arielle says. “There isn’t something like this on the market yet.”

This Saturday, those in attendance can expect to sample light bites and cocktails, as well as grab some goodie bags and see Arielle Shoshana’s lineup of holiday gifts. But even more exciting? Cecile Hua will be in attendance, and will be bringing her final draft of the perfume with her – the first time Arielle will get a chance to smell the final scent.

Arielle is thrilled that Cecile, who is the Director of the American Society of Perfumers, will be in attendance at her one-year anniversary party. But she’s even more excited to be combining her shop with a renowned female presence in the perfume industry.

“We’re very excited to be working with such a successful, established female perfumer,” Arielle says. “Like almost all industries, perfume is an extremely male dominated one. I really like being in a position to support the women in the industry, it’s one of the best parts of having a shop.”

For all of the information about this Saturday’s anniversary party, please visit here!