Jan 20

recharging : the LPQ winter menu

Eating seasonally is one of our favorite things to do – it’s always comforting (not to mention good for you!) to embrace the flavors of the season. That’s why we were so excited to see the Le Pain Quotidien winter menu officially launch… keep on reading for all of the details (and some great images!)…

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Jan 5

best slow cooker meals

Welcome to Tuesday. Or, as Twitter’s been calling it : #TooColdTuesday. Maybe it’s the cold. Maybe it’s how insanely busy this week has seemed since coming back from a mini holiday vacation (inbox zero, you are but a dream). Maybe it’s because we got a fancy, shiny new slow cooker for Christmas. But we’re dreaming…

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Dec 29

the ultimate New Year’s Eve meal plan

If you’re not heading out for New Year’s Eve – and Brine has a pretty great celebration planned – then you may be on the “heading to a potluck” or “hosting a dinner party” train. And we get it. After the last week of holiday dinners, cookie extravaganzas and washing dishes (seriously, how many times…

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