Mar 1

Night out inspiration : B Side

Let’s imagine it’s a sunny spring day. It almost feels like that outside, right? We can almost pretend that winter is over.

So, let’s pretend that winter is over. You’ve grabbed your best friend. There’s hours of long-overdue conversation to be had. And you both got some good workouts in this week, so you’re in the mood to indulge.

Let’s say you cozy up at B Side.

006_B Side(Mosaic)_Traynor_02.2016


First step is obviously to order some drinks. Your friend knows they can’t go wrong with the draft beer. You’re feeling adventurous – so you ask the bartender to whip up a Love Street. It’s a delightfully refreshing combination of gin, lemon, simple syrup, basil and black pepper.

It’s amazing, obviously.

012_B Side(Mosaic)_Traynor_02.2016


Appetizers are next on your list. No trip to B Side is complete without getting in an order of the ranch pork rinds. It’s a calories-be-damned kind of day.

So, in that case, better order the rotissifried chicken!

015_B Side(Mosaic)_Traynor_02.2016


None of that precludes you from dinner, though. And it’s a special occasion – a date night. A friend date night. AKA, the best kind of date night.

And if there’s one thing that you and your friend can split to perfectly round out the night, it’s the B Side burger. Whatever the special burger may be. It’s always (literally, always) perfection.

And it’s messy. Because of course it is? No burger worth eating was ever neat.

013_B Side(Mosaic)_Traynor_02.2016


So yeah – let’s pretend it’s spring. And we’re at B Side. And maybe we’re taking a trip to some butt-kicking yoga and weights at Spark Yoga tomorrow.