Jul 19

become a morning workout person with these five tips

solidcore-02-gallery@2xFitting in time to work out : it can come sometimes seem impossible, right? That’s why we swear by getting up and getting it done. More than once, we’ve realized that if we don’t set the alarm for an early gym trip, it’s just not going to happen. In fact, we’ve become so religious about this approach, that we’ve sort of got our prep time for work afterwards mastered – and we’re here to share those secrets with you.

We polled our friends, coworkers and gym buddies for their best advice – so whether you’re getting your sweat on at Elevate, [solidcore], Spark Yoga or Zengo in the morning – we’re here to help make it an insanely successful workout.

1. Be Prepared

Team #noexcuses – lay that workout outfit out the night before you go to bed. When that alarm blares, you don’t want any excuse factoring against getting up, getting it on, and getting out the door.

Some of us are even known to sleep in our gear. Hey, whatever works, right?


2. Pack Your Bag

The single most important tip we can pass along, whether you’re a morning warrior or fitting a fitness break into lunch, is to pack your bag the night before. There’s nothing worse than the mad dash in the morning to get your workout gear, getting-ready accessories and work outfit all into one place while you make it out the door on time. Having everything handy, so all you need to do is roll out of bed and grab it, is priceless.

We put together a “gym prep” baggie that we always keep in our car, or in our bag : cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, makeup refresh and a brush – with hairspray in case of fly-aways. After a low-sweat workout, usually only a few minutes in the bathroom are needed to return to your desk looking unruffled.

If you’re hitting the treadmill, lifting, or taking a pilates class (among the many options), packing that bag we told you about is even more important.

Hopefully, you have access to a shower for a quick post-workout rinse. This is where we’ve found it important to get that routine down to a science : wash, cleanse, shampoo… and master hairstyles that can be done quickly, on the fly, and with damp hair. Good thing buns look elegant! If no time to shower (been there), hit the most important areas quickly : use wipes to give yourself a full-body wipe-down, pack face wash to get the sweat off your skin, and find a trusty dry shampoo. You’ll be relying on it heavily. We always buy travel-sized versions, or swing by a perfume counter and ask for samples, so we’re not hauling the entire contents of our bathroom with us.



3. Dress strategically

This is a good time to pick your outfit so that it won’t crease or wrinkle with travel and slipping it on and off. Whether you’re heading in for the morning, or ducking out at lunch, it often takes our bodies some time to fully cool down after a workout, especially if you’re moving at warp speed to get ready after. You need something light and airy to help that process – but also fitting the professional bill. Sound daunting? 

One of our coworkers shares a “dress simply” tip : a dress she can pull over her head, slip-on shoes and easy accessories. (She also swears by a cold shower to reduce redness).


Our favorite post-workout outfit in the summer is a simple tie-waist shirtdress, a statement necklace and pumps. After a workout that completely kicked our butt, we always want something that feels easy and comfortable on our newly sore muscles : but also shows off our hard work!


4. Plan on yourself

While cancellation policies in studios can seem daunting, it’s actually a great resource to get you moving – [solidcore] for example, has a 12-hour cancellation policy, meaning that if you cancel or miss the class after that, you’re still charged. Sometimes just knowing that gets us out of bed!

Second, set it in your calendar like a regular meeting or appointment. It basically is – it’s just an appointment you made with yourself.


5. Get Some Friends

Having a workout buddy keeps us accountable. If you know someone else is waiting for you in the spin studio, or at the track, you know you can’t let them down by hitting snooze until you’re too late to get your sweat on. Plus, working out with a buddy in the morning is great, if only for the coffee talk after!

Your friend doesn’t have to be human – someone we asked for tips pointed out that dogs always need to be walked. Built-in exercise for you!



Becoming a morning workout person doesn’t sound easy, but with a few smart prep steps (let’s review : 1. Being prepared (outfits + packed bag), 2. Having a schedule, 3. Finding a buddy), it’s actually a breeze.